"The Champion Alfgeir, a True Northerner Warrior he is." - Svalfi, 1532


The second of five sons, Alfgeir is a member of the Bründ (silent D), a tribe from the eastern woods of the North that are known for their skills with Axe and Bow. His first excursion to the south was with Langdüsh’s Raid in 1530, where they were broken by Imperial Cavalry outside of the Midland city of Taurenbourg, where his elder brother Thorolf was amongst the slain. This began Alfgeir’s hatred of the Imperials, a hatred that would eventually lead him south again.

Having joined the Horde of Aeducan after hearing of him from the Skald Svalfi, Alfgeir has risen to the rank of Champion, commanding his own warband under Aeducan. Alfgeir is a believer of the Silver Flame. He is loyal to the cause and will defeat all those that get in his way.

He stands 6’5” and has blonde hair. His eyes are blue and he has two noticeable scars; one across his right forearm and another by his neckline. He is 22 years of age at the start of the campaign.


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