Svalfi the Skald

"He's the greatest, and oh, most humblest, definitely that, Skald in the whole North." -Svalfi


Svalfi is a member of Aeducan’s Horde, if only for the thrill of going to the Midlands. Born to a mother and father who didn’t have the need for a scrawny son (and already having seven big burly ones), he was thrown from his tribe and forced to wander the North for a few years.

On his travels, Svalfi found that he had one skill that came in handy; his ability to tell stories. He used it to save himself from getting eaten by Trolls once, as well as using it to gain a position in the raiding party of Gamal.

After Gamal’s Raid, Svalfi found that he kept getting drawn to the tales of a Chosen of ___ called Aeducan. He joined his horde and the rest is history. Or, if he gets his way, will be history.

Svalfi the Skald

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