Ranks of Servitude

Slave: As the lowest rank of any Northern society, slaves are made up of new recruits and war spoils. This rank constitutes the vast majority of non-combative labor around the horde's encampment and are watched and beaten regularly.

Servant: Often times a particularly trustworthy slave will be taken in by his master to preform certain tasks set by them. This usually means making their food or bed, carrying around gear, or taking care of the horse. The rank of Servant also means that the person will no longer sleep in the slave pens, but rather within a small tent by their master.

Warrior: When a slave or servant proves himself worthy to raise a sword and shield to protect the hoard, the head of the hoard may grant the right of "Humanity" to the individual. While this is a great occasion to the slave and the horde as a whole, it is far less joyous to the one losing him.





Ranks of Servitude

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